What is the LONGHORNville Challenge?

If you haven't heard of the LONGHORNville Challenge. Please read and spread the word. I hate needles, but I have dedicated myself to donating Plasma once a week if the LONGHORNS win and Plasma twice a week if we lose every week to show my Longhorn Pride and help those in need. I Challenge you to do the same. This week, obviously, was painful for our team and me.  We created this Challenge before the first game to be something new to get US the fans involved in every game and to show TRUE Texas Pride. But I truly Bleed Burnt Orange and I know so do a lot of you. So come on..  Just donate this week take a picture, spread the word and join the club. Http://longhornville.com

Can you imagine if 30,000 fans showed their commitment. :-)

I think we can move Mountains with our Texas Pride have a positive season... and truly and help someone.